About Us

Hi i'm Lee Benson from Gorilla Wall.

lee benson from gorilla wall retaining walls

I created Gorilla Wall for Melbourne homeowners and DIY enthusiasts. When i look around at various Melbourne homes i see some beautiful and modern places, then i take a look out in the backyard and i see very outdated retaining wall Melbourne systems. What do i see exactly? Timber!! Why use something that you know is going to discolor and warp over time? Why use something that white ants can eat? The retaining walls in Melbourne are using outdated systems, use concrete sleeper retaining walls for your Melbourne home. 


>The concrete sleepers we provide in Melbourne are 50 MPa Concrete.

>We use Hot dipped Galvanized H beams and C Channels for our retaining walls that don't rust

>The concrete sleepers we provide in Melbourne are Engineered? is yours? being timber?

>The system is strong i.e for a 600mm high wall we recommend going 600mm deep x 450mm wide with structural concrete mix (try and push that over with a bobcat)

>they are new and modern.



Lets be honest, we live in the new world and we want things fast and we want to know what we are getting. i get it, im the same, i have no patience. I wanted to create an online store where people can get Quality concrete sleeper retaining walls in Melbourne at a great price and get it delivered to their door, lets face it, we are busy at work and don't want to be wasting time with our Grampa's trailer on the weekend, we would rather get up and get right into installing.

These retaining wall Systems in Melbourne are easy to install and perfect for DIY. And if you have any problems Give Us a call.

Phone: 03 8751 7063